Let’ put it this way. It sounds trite, but the polo team with the best polo players wins the game.

After the age of Jonathan Munro Ford ended with the 2015 tournament a three year dominance of Team Cartier, with the Australian player entering the Hall of Fame, last year, Team Maserati lined up for the first time on the polo field with two of the best players of the game: Rommy Gianni (formerly team BMW) and Dario Musso. It came as no surprise that Maserati won the 2016 tournament.

This year, Cartier came back from the cold entering the game with a team headed by Italian Rommy Gianni with goal scorer Chris Hyde – a proven talent – in jersey number 3 and Dario Musso number 4.

The final game on Sunday saw Team Cartier meet Team Badrutt’s Palace while the sun slowly lowered toward the outline of the Maloja Pass. Once more, the players in red impressed an estimated 15.000 people watching by imposing a hefty 7-4 to the Palace, securing the Cartier Trophy to themselves.




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